"Poverty is not a sin" –            Fyodor Dostoyevsky

"God does not create poverty, we do, we don't share"–             Mother Theresa

Commodity / Cloth Donation Movement (CCDM)
CCDM's mission is to collect and distribute the much needed item, new and used clothes, within the community. We are sure that TDM will convert CCDM to an international service organization. Simple life is meaningful life. In India, the daily income of the 75% of population is below Rs.30/-. Here is the room for CCDM.


CCDM can provide FREE clothing to those in need. Charity should start from the heart. The most lovely hearts belong to children. The future of any nation depends on them. They should learn the virtue of charity from the very starting point of education.

Students, with your help we want to collect as many clothes, new or used but in good condition, to distribute to some of the most needy in India and abroad. Life is just sharing and caring, the wise people say. Let's learn the joy of sharing right from the school.

Our clothing appeal is very simple scheme for anyone to participate in. We all have clothes lying around we don't wear, either they don't fit right, sit right, look right or whatever! Most people impulse buy- decide they don't like it and it sits gathering dust or simply thrown away. Please hand them over to us. May be they are of no value to you, but it will be a treasure to someone in need. Again, by donating used clothes, you can discourage the cloth mafia selling second hand clothes by cheating in broad sunlight!

Please donate clothes of all types for Babies and children's, and Adults clothes… Exclusions: Please no underwear, socks etc. Every cloth you donate is a lovely present from you to an unknown brother or sister. So all clothing must be washed and clean, neatly packed prior to donation.

Every human on earth has the basic right for clothes, food and shelter. We concentrate on clothes at present. Your donations will reach a) Children and Adults from the BPL. (b) Children staying in several orphanages in India and abroad. c) People suffering from natural calamities and other disasters. Distribution of the items is an important part of the project. For that, we have to make so many Cloth banks across worldwide.

This is a dream… Just a dream… CCDM supported by TDM can realize it!

Only TDM can Cloth the entire World!

A simple way to achieve this is by redistributing "used products of TDM" donated by members who can go for new alternatives within two or three years of use. We have to do this to provide support for the suffering billions across the world! When we introduce a cheap and best TV for you --- that can work as a computer, scanner, fax machine, telephone, integrated with security system with maximum reliability, please donate the existing one in your homes!

When we are ready to distribute thousands of designs of apparels, please donate some of your old clothes at least. I am forced to say this with at most pain, because Retail corporates in India buy old clothes to attract customers, a system unthinkable for ancestors! How bitter are their practices!

Common man's products are more valuable than that of corporates. The downtrodden can do any diverse business for a living. He should also be a part of knowledge society. We are missing the local tastes of food, having history more than hundreds of years due to the attack of 'Curry powder factories!'. We have to get back everything! Every piece of knowledge!





Dr. Preetha Premji
Sandhya S.N
V. Ramachandran
P.K. Jaganlal
Zachariah P.M.
Anoop G.A.
Sajukumar M.R.
Shine George
Sajeevan K
Philip J Nadakkal
Prasad P.V.
Jacob Abraham
MG Anilkumar
Vimal Raju


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