Organization & Trade

We can strengthen Democracy as we are crusaders against corruption. TDM is an anticorruption movement to the core! Ultimately, we will become the deciding factor, whom will rule! We decide policies, not silly politicians. We remain shadow power! We remain as the inner-conscience of democracy. None can hide anything from us! And the knowledge society keeps on growing every-day!


Anti-Corruption Movement
When the society becomes more organized with knowledge, rate of corruption will drastically reduce. 'If you don't interfere in politics, politics will interfere in your life', Lenin said long back. When the open society propagates anti-corruption movement, it has to subside. TDM will remain as the inner-conscience of society.

Anti-Inflation Movement
When the intellect of the collective overtakes the limited source of Corporates, it will be impossible for them to compete with TDM. It is impossible for them to compete with the word of mouth publicity of TDM! Intelligence pays everywhere! Inflation will reduce drastically every year!

Tax evasion

Naturally, every deal of TDM is accountable and since it is transparent. TDM is the shortest path towards an 'accountable society'. Gradually we can reduce the impacts of Black Money in the society. As the movement progresses, the rates of tax will have to come down drastically!

Media Bias
"I don't care for my readers! I care only for my advertisers!" This is the mentality of corporate media! When TDM picks up, media bias will reduce drastically. The reason is very simple. Our marketing strategy is word of mouth publicity with ultimate integrity 'The cheapest and the best'. So whatever we deal, will be free of advertisements and our competitors will easily understand that it is of no use to create new advertisements. Media will then heavily suffer economically. Then corporate media will be forced either get closed or coming down to main stream of open knowledge society! Beyond all, media can never fool knowledge workers. We won't fall for their gimmicks. FSM operated free media will support us in every movement. Every knowledge worker is a citizen journalist. Media with minimal intellect cannot cater the needs of people with higher order thinking skills! Let me tell you a very personal experience. My wife, a Doctorate holder in Botany and an expert in bio-technology wrote and gave a detailed article about food adulteration in India. She analyzed almost each and every product. They threw it straight to the dustbin! Why? If they published that, they might have lost so many advertisements of those who might have affected by her article! TDM is an anti-adulteration movement! None should die by cancer!

Public Sector Companies
TDM can influence public sector organizations too. If they don't function properly, they won't be able to compete with products of common man and cooperatives! They can even make use of the expertise of TDM brain bank to improve their operations and products.

Anti-Consumerist Movement
TDM concentrate on the distribution of 'the best at the cheapest price' products in every segment. When you supply the best, trying for other cheap quality and costly product is absolute foolishness. (We still die for cheapest and the best!) Corporates spread the cloud of fear either directly or as by creating inferiority complex among consumers. Let's degrade those who run behind Corporations as idiots! Nobody likes to be known as an idiot in a knowledge society! So, TDS becomes anti-consumerist movement. We can simply burn the brand image to ashes! When nobody cares for brand images, what is the point in spending excess amount for them! Can the intelligence of limited people from their workforce beat the intelligence of the collective? A brand addict will become branded as a holy fool!

Anti-Corporate Crimes Movement
When the knowledge society grows fast, corporate crimes reduce. So, TDS becomes movement against corporate crimes! Corporates will sink on its own!

Anti-Globalization Movement
When current financial set up of Crony capitalism can be challenged to the roots by the spreading up of TDM, when the knowledge society become key players in democracy, the unholy relationship between the government and Corporates will have reach full stop! We can use the same weapons of globalization to resist its ill-effects. We can fight the best with their own weapons against them! So, TDS becomes anti-globalization movement. Public Safety/ Social security/ Unemployment/ Terrorism When TDM flourishes, the interaction between the individuals in every community grows very fast. So the society will become more and more dynamic. People will be more vigilant in a dynamic society, which in turn improves social security. In such a society, there will be more and more employment opportunities that can keep youth away from criminal activities and terrorism, children will not abused as TDM builds up intrinsic personal relations.

Anti-Pharmaceutical Exploitaion Movement
Quality of modern life depends on the quality of medicines! Paracetamol is a widely used pain and fever reliever in India and this simple medicine is available in more than 50 trade names with exorbitant prices! There is no standardization in prices as well as chemicalcontent! TDM can produce and distribute these medicines with maximum quality and minimum price. For us, the end user is enough to give word of mouth publicity, which will put an end to the greed of doctors who prescribe under-quality medicines to patients! We can develop generic medicines to fight against AIDS and all other epidemics with the help of Medical Geeks. We can make the people aware of every medicine sold in any nation just by word of mouth, for that faith is free of cost! We can demand our doctors to prescribe suitable medicines produced by us. We empower every patient to know about his rights with an ultimate aim: medicine-free life! We can put an end to the unethical practices of doctors! Every medical Geek can easily convert 500 greedy doctors to collaborate with open society! Hundreds of patents in pharmaceutical industry are getting expired every year and they become generic medicines. Naturally we can produce those quality medicines with at most quality care and the cheapest available so that even the parent company can't even compete with TDM! One thing that you should remember is 'the medicines distributed in India are either export surplus or mostly export reject! Sad, there are no restrictions! With this profit margin itself, we can invent new medicines to compete with them! The word 'depression' will vanish from the world as everyone can enjoy active social life!

"The destructive Seven Blunders of the World that cause violence: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Religion without sacrifice, Politics without principle." M.K.Gandhi

Labour Movement
Dalit Human Rights Movement (DHRM) is a prominent movement in Kerala, with deep roots among people from poor financial backgrounds. They stand for agriculture. 'Even the IT personnel eat, rice which we cultivate. But, they are getting paid more. Agriculturists are committing suicide as their products are not getting good price. An agriculturist should also get equal reverence as any professional'. Their argument is absolutely correct. But, till now, they are not able to find a practical solution for their problems. If they can create a nationwide workers-bank, if they can take the abundant uncultivated land on lease, if they can cultivate crops and convert them to value added products and distribute directly in the society, I bet within 10 years every member can become financially stable and highly revered by every individual in the society! TDM can sure solve these problems. Thus TDM becomes landless people's movement too!

Adbuster's Movement
Commercial advertisers often seek to generate increased consumption of their products or services through "branding", which involves the repetition of an image or product name in an effort to associate certain qualities with the brand in the minds of consumers. Noncommercial advertisers who spend money to advertise items other than a consumer product or service include political parties, interest groups, religious organizations and governmental agencies. Advertisement is bi-product of industrial revolution. But, TDM is "reverse industrialization"! Our mode of advertisement is the most powerful of all "word of mouth". When TDM flourished, the word advertisement will vanish from daily life! So TDM belongs to Adbuster's Movement!

Open Access and Open Publishing
Open access (OA) refers to unrestricted access via the internet to articles published in scholarly journals, and also increasingly to book chapters or monographs. Open content is similar to OA, but usually includes the right to modify the work, whereas in scholarly publishing it is usual to keep an article's content intact and to associate it with a fixed author or fixed group of authors. Is that enough?

Publishing industry is a horrible place now, they are not protecting the interests of readers and writers! They simply promote cooked literature which is a threat to modern society! A 100 page literary book printed in India, costs just below Rs.20/- They sell it with a minimum price of Rs.75/- The writer may get (?) Rs.11/- as his royalty! For buying a wonderful book why should we pay all these huge margins? TDM can do wonders here.

Barriers or Nations will diminish... Every man will become a Global Citizen... No wars.... Just a world government will be remain!

Will one day, money vanish from our lives?