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"Every moment is a learning moment and every place is a study centre"

Information and Education.
'Now consider this: the open-source concept doesn't have to just apply to software. It can apply to anything in life, any area where information is currently in the hands of few instead of many, any area where a few people control the production and distribution and improvement of a product or service or entity. Now, the following examples are going to sound idealistic, and they are, but they are possibilities that could turn into probabilities in the next few years, or the next 10-20 years. Only time will prove, but it's worth thinking about.


Schools. Currently, knowledge and the teaching of that knowledge is in the hands of a few, from elementary to high schools to higher education. But, why do we need to go through the public or private school system, and why does Harvard and Stanford and MIT control the education of our professionals and academics? Home-schooling, for example, is a growing movement that allows parents to regain control of their child's education, to move away from an authoritarian setting of mind control and towards one of learning, of questioning, of critical thinking — and that's really what education should be. Please understand that I'm not blaming the teachers — they are good people with good intentions, but they are bound by the school system, which is really controlled by our government.

The open-source concept can be applied to higher education: imagine an online school for programmers or accountants or businesspeople, where the real professionals decide the curriculum and teach the classes and give out the certificates. If this alternative grows in acceptance (and this will take a long time to happen), there is no reason why a Harvard business degree would be better than an open-source one, which would also be much less expensive'--- writes Leo Babauta, one of the most popular bloggers in the world.

When TDM creates maximum job opportunities as the key principle is 'Reverse Industrialism', everyone can be assured of jobs, without any government certification for true knowledge need any sort of certification. It has to be proven through applications! Leo, your dream can be easily realized! We will have to step into publishing also because the modern governments are specializing in creating brigades of fools by providing them under-quality education! They don't need people with 'Higher order thinking skills'. They need 'More of the same thoughts'. We have to implement quality education for everyone in need of knowledge. May be we can provide open source knowledge certification through proven testing methods. This allows an individual to get a higher ranking degree at an early age! Imagine getting M.Sc. degree at the age of 13, education is freedom and felicity then!

As in your own words Leo, 'Everyone can create their own dream job. You don't have to wait for someone to hand it to you! No need to give up and consign yourself to a fate of misery and (worse) dullness.' TDM provides you the freedom and opportunity to create and enjoy your own job! Isn't that sounds better? Regenerative Students Teaching:- Great students can teach students from nearby villages or they can help to improve students with poor IQ. Education also becomes sharing and caring!

Human mind is capable of getting him/her well versed with 50 languages and a minimum of 20 PhDs! But, excess use of mechanization drastically reduces the memory capacity of man. Husbands don't remember the mobile number of their wives and vice-versa. This is alarming. TDM makes you to explore the unexplored capacities of your mind where infinite intelligence is stored. A focussed mind is stronger than an atom bomb! One who can control his mind, is the most peaceful man!

Localisation and creation Job opportunities.
Now, just go through the thoughts of Leo Babauta: 'The greatest change happens because of people that are deeply passionate, and have a great love for the work they do. If you want to make a difference in the world, the single most important thing you can do is consciously and deliberately choose to do work that you are passionate about. No other choice can have a greater impact on the planet, or your life. If you're doing work that's boring, you probably won't make much of an impact. You might provide people with some amount of value. Enough to pay your rent, enough to get by. But you won't be inciting change. And you certainly won't be inspiring others.

If you're doing boring work, chances are you do just enough to not get fired. But if you do work that excites you, keeps you up at night, and fulfil you… you'll do more. You'll give yourself to it completely. You'll put in extra time, more energy, more passion. Because it's worth it. It's satisfying. At the end of the day you'll think: "My time was well spent today." So the real question isn't whether or not to do boring or passionate work. The question is how to get started. Five things you can do to move toward getting paid to do what you love: 1. Find your passion. This is all about your great love, and what makes you come alive. To get started here, ask: "What am I insanely interested in?" "What could I talk about for hours?" and "What would I do for free?"

Find your strengths. Create your own dream job. Don't wait for someone to hand it to you. Don't hope that you'll win the lottery. Don't give up and consign yourself to a fate of misery and (worse) dullness.

Create your job! It might sound far-fetched for some of you (while others have already done it) but it's very possible. Not easy, mind you: it takes hard work and smarts and passion and a crap-ton of learning and a willingness to take risks and make mistakes. If that sounds like you, read on. If not, stop reading.

This is what TDM offers. Every member of TDM can be a producer as well as distributor. Suppliers can hand over their products to TDM and they can have their ethical profit. TDM distributors can support themselves by the incentives through distribution of products. Every home will be a part of the "cloud of global warehouses" of TDM!

You're free to roam and work anywhere with WiFi. It makes your life more free and flexible. No chances for depressions! TDM offers complete control of the design of your workspace, with lesser distractions, flexible time, more focus on results, not presence, more time with family, free from expensive clothing to maintain social status every day, flexi-timing, less commute which lessens pollution, lot of time you have, free from small cubicles, tension free mind and active life!

Everyone is a student.... teacher! Knowledge society!