"Diminishing Capitalism"

As TDM progresses, Corporates and Crony Capitalism has no role in society. As the number of knowledge workers increase, the nexus between Rulers and Corporates will disappear. Again, the knowledge society will take control of politics. When distribution of products and dignity of life improves, inflation will reduce drastically. The profit margin of TDM will also reduce as it progresses. Can we imagine a day when money has no role in our lives? Sure, for that is in the near future!








"Everything has either a price or a dignity. Whatever has a price can be replaced by something else as its equivalent; on the other hand, whatever is above all price, and therefore admits of no equivalent, has a dignity. But that which constitutes the condition under which alone something can be an end in itself does not have mere relative worth, i.e., price, but an intrinsic worth, i.e., a dignity"

--- Immanuel Kant