Cleanliness & Agriculture

Agriculture has to free from the clutches of agri-business by Corporates. Let's bring back the 'agri-culture' of our forefathers, based on sharing and caring. Let's start with a common aim that everyone should know at least in detail about agriculture. No farmer in the world should commit suicide. Agriculture can be done independently or group farming with enough mechanization (group owned). We have to adopt maximum utilization theory, minimize expenses to maximize profit without hurting the soil! We have to popularize pond based agriculture. For effective agriculture, groups of agriculture geeks should evolve.


To be very frank, if mankind wants to promote agriculture without pesticides, they should stick on to traditional seeds used for centuries; most of them are immune to pests! Wild varieties of seeds are highly immune to pests and diseases. Here, we should find out alternate methods to find out full potential and capabilities of a plant. (Thanks to my wife's insights!) Best example is SRI method of paddy cultivation. It is framers who played a key role in designing and developing SRI method of cultivation practices. Every farmer has to be a scientist and experimenter. A farmer should not follow blindly what is suggested by others. Agricultural Geeks should cooperate with experienced farmers to develop new techniques to cultivate without chemical fertilizers and pesticides and introduce biopesticides. Here Agriculture Geeks can interoperate with Medical Geeks, FSM Geeks, Livestock Geeks and everyone! Of course Twister Distribution is a chain reaction, everything is interoperable.

Agriculture Geeks can concentrate on wide planting with less seeds, transplanting young seedlings with less water, developing techniques turning back the weeds into the soil, use of organic manure, soil testing, levelling of fertile soils, natural manure manufacture, weed management, seed banks, water management, water harvesting, harvesting, invention of cheaper agro machinery, survey of crop requirement, storage of harvest and converting them into value added products with the help Food Geeks! This movement can put an end to fast and junk food culture created by the corporates, which is a great threat to mankind in the form of cancer and cause infertility among young generation. We can put an end to the profitable infertility business by corporate hospital chains! Fertile land is not for the cultivation of corn for bio-fuels! When TDM strengthens, the need for travel will be drastically reduced and automatically they have say Good Bye to this silly practice! Hundreds of thousands of hectares of fertile land are getting sterile in every 10 years. TDM can save them by innovative methods. Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam's vision on Agriculture and food processing for India is like this: 'We are in the mission of generating 400 million tonnes of food grains with reduced land, with reduced water and with reduced workforce from the present 200 million tonnes. New technology needed in agriculture area from seeds to cultivation to grain, food process and marketing. This entire chain will enable employment particularly in rural areas in a big way.' TDM can easily achieve this goal! Water absorbing plants like Cassue Nut and Eucalyptus can help water- management.

Agriculturists and Veterinary geeks can do a lot for the growth of livestock. Here we have to remember the unethical practices by Corporates which resulted in Mad- Cow disease! An animal is also like a tree; its life should not be corrupted.

Water Mission:
World has to embark on water harvesting and desalination of sea water as international missions. Cleaning, creating and strengthening the inland waterways programme and convert into smart waterways will reduce expenses for transportation. TDM can introduce new agricultural methods utilizing less amount of water. We will give maximum importance to pond based agriculture. Not even a single water source will be allowed to get contaminated either by individuals or by factories.