TDM, how does it function

TDM, how does it function
"Service that is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures as possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy." M.K.Gandhi Linux development, as a "best practice" example of productive collaborative culture, could potentially be adopted in developing TDM. It's the World's largest supply chain! It's the World's largest open procuring and distribution network! It's the World's largest idea/knowledge bank! World's largest insurance Co without premium! It does anything ethical under the Sun! It's the movement of all movements! It's the largest collaboration of knowledge society!


TDM is a global movement for open source procurement and distribution of anything, not evil! It is a combined phrase meant to bridge ideas from the open source movement with central ideas from the free software movement, free intellectual movement, free retail movement and any other movement stands to improve human life and dignity. It is envisioned as the single largest sales and distribution network, practicing 'Diminishing Capitalism or ethical capitalism". Limited intellectual rights that may help to lead a comfortable life for the elite people, which will be reduced gradually as TDM progresses.

TDM refers to a tendency by individuals to work, collaborate, produce and distribute anything useful to mankind, protecting ethical values that reflect openness, sharing, collaboration and transparency. The movement also reflects a tendency and a preference by individuals to use tools that are available under TDM licenses. Every FSM project can be funded in future by TDM as it is the backbone of TDM.

Open Source Culture (OSC) usually refers to a condition where cultural artefacts are made generally available to all citizens. Participants in an open source culture have the right to use and modify shared artefacts, but are usually required to redistribute these items back into the community if there are changes or improvements. Open source culture is unique in the sense that it is recursive; its basic tenet is that the culture itself is based upon the sharing and promotion of cultural artefacts.

TDM product has its source code (software code)/ ingredients and methods of production/ design made freely available to the general public. They can be licensed under various licensing structures of TDM and, depending on the specific license, users have various rights to modify and redistribute the software, in some cases, even for commercial purposes, even commercial products. TDM stands for quality and humanity!(If there are ambiguities, please modify my thoughts. Then only it can be perfected. Only your thoughts can make it fool proof)

We are overwhelmed with choice, and most products advertised to us do not match our lifestyle expectations. Too much choice results in confusion and indecision, the stumbling blocks for purchases. Additionally, as products become commoditized, the perceived value must come from the user experience. We can create flexible, personalized online and inhouse virtual shops/ "cloud storage" of products in homes, under cooperative distribution team member's ownership, by avoiding construction of huge warehouses! It saves a lot of time too!

When we design a TDM product, first priority is 'analysis of the need' and which corporate we are going to attack! Priority should be given to the place/people/easy availability of raw materials/ users involved from where it is getting made.

Take an example: Production of Jeans
Jeans Manufacturing technology has radically changed in the past two or three decades. Customers purchased branded Jeans, limited by narrowly managed fashion trends. Customers return regularly, anticipating new discoveries as part of the experience from the certain "Brand", continuing to inspire by regular reorganization of store layout and rapid turnover of merchandise. Brands have the opportunity to become destination spots.

If a group of designers can meet in 'Diaspora social network', and create thousands of great designs which can easily out throw the limited design options by corporates, if cooperative stitching unit people, cooperative denim manufactures can join hands and manufacture them as per TDM standards (better than any Branded product), if TDM cooperative/ community distribution networks can distribute them among people with pride as "our own product" with the lowest possible price and if we ignore the people using branded products based on 'fool philosophy', then what will be the fate of a Jeans manufacturing Corporate with billions as turn over? If we can improve the production of cotton, reduce the overheads of agriculture, transportation, consumption of electricity by continuous research, and then the price of jeans will still less in the next years. Prices will come down and practically there can't be any sort of inflation. Is that not "Diminishing capitalism?" We rip their flesh to fight against them. If we can collect back the used ones after two or three years, it can be redistributed freely among billions of poor people, will their life also improved?

How come the new generation companies are functioning? Nobody is manufacturing more than body now-a-days! (just joking... sad, it is true). Why acquisitions happen in car industry? Why, even after acquisition they keep the same brand name? Just to fool you! They share the same platform of cars between different models of group companies. They save millions of dollars through sharing of platforms! They share the same engines, same technologies, and same manufacturing units! They share everything! Will they reduce prices accordingly? Unthinkable! They buy the cheap and best reliable products from anywhere, assemble and give us! Why can't we adopt the same?

We can have thousands of designers, technicians, artists, marketing people through "idea banks" spread over Diaspora. Why can't they design a series of best models of cars based on the best components available in the present market fit into great designs? Why can't they set up best service stations? Can we kill brands? Just think it over?

The same thing is done by every Branded Personal Computer Manufacturers! Can't we design a series of best cabinets fitting the best available components from the open market, distribute and provide best after-sales service at the cheapest rates? Then what will the future of Branded Computers? If a computer is more powerful than that of any brand and its price very less than them, then what will you call someone who goes behind these brands? Fools! This is the concept of fool philosophy, the same they are applying on us from decades! How many of us want to be dignified as 'Fools' in an open knowledge society? Can the brands extend relationships with customers as we are capable of? Shall we pay for all these unwanted exploitations?

Taking the store to the customer..... Store, events, word of mouth advertisement/ecommerce/ M-commerce, social networking, micro-blogging/ festivals.... FSF can control inflation! Is that not 'Diminishing Capitalism'? TDM offers personalized selling and buying! Time is the most important thing in life. Don't waste it for the sake of unwanted choices!

Leo Babauta writes: "Money.... This will seem like a stretch, but what is money? It's a closedsource system that says that in exchange for giving me your product or service, I will give you a voucher that you can use elsewhere to get products or services (or however you want to use your voucher). An open-source alternative could be created, and as long as people trust the system, there's no reason it has to be controlled by governments and couldn't be used worldwide.

" Dear Leo, your dream can easily be realized through TDM. Let's use virtual credits instead of currency! Which may lead to Global currency?

TDM can fund for every projects of FSM. We can strengthen, GIMP, Wikipedia and other Wiki projects. We can start developing open- source alternatives to every products and services of every corporate. We can popularise open-source email and search to the wiki alternatives of online dictionaries, Internet Directories, and so on. Be happy Leo!


Let's consider a product with MRP $100. Let the production cost be around $40, his profit $20, advertisement and commissions $40. If TDM is the single largest sales and distribution network across the world led by Open Knowledge Society, it can distribute the same with a price tag around $17! Ultimately, who will get benefitted? Mankind! And if the collective intelligence of TDM can create the same with $35 as production cost, then what will happen to the corporate who is producing the same earlier? If TDM can introduce different product with same concept, will inflations reduce? If TDM utilizes the ethical profit for the betterment of mankind, what will happen to the corporates and stock exchanges controlled by them? TDM is ultimately a 'Knowledge Movement' towards a war-free, discrimination free world! Give your suggestions to decide the following...

1. Structure of TDM international operation
2. TDM National operations
3. TDM State operations
4. Ethical profit share of TDM
5. Different areas where TDM profit has to be shared
6. Expansion of Diaspora, social networking site
7. The commission to distributor cooperatives
8. Creation of Cooperatives
9. Maximum investment/ individual
10. Converting purchasing power of an individual to insurance.
11. Interoperability of technical groups
12. Beyond all, what all measures we can take to avoid accumulation of large amounts of money among individuals.

And a million more things! I am just a simple man with limited intelligence. Come; fill the
pages with your thoughts... Let's mind-storm them for a bright NEW WORLD!

The next year's total retail forecast in India is $410 Billion! Out of this $250 will be eaten away by corporates and their unholy media! That is the flesh of TDM!