"There is no solution for civilization or even the human race, other than the creation of world government." --- Albert Einstein

Story of a Branded Jeans!

"What shall I bring for you from America?", my co-brother Prajesh called from US last year.

"Get me a pair of Jeans by ................."

When I put my left leg inside it, I was shocked to see the label: 'Made in Pakistan'. One of the oldest Jeans manufacturing companies did this cheap trick. I felt really bad and started learning more about Jeans manufacturing. Later, I came to know the following statistics:

The basic jeans that they sell in US, is priced between minimum of $20 and $40, when the production cost is just around $7.5! The most of Jeans manufacturing companies offshore their designs to countries like Lesotho, Haity, Nicaragua, Pakistan and China and get it made damn cheap.

I have a simple question: will they give at least one pair of their branded Jeans for $10 to them?

No, they will not!

Why should we pay for these brands? Why should we pay for their fewer models, when we are capable of creating millions of designs? The first step towards financial freedom is demolition of every corporate brand! It is very simple: consider those who run behind brands as rotten fools! Ignore them!

If we have a cluster of designers, small scale co-operative industries run by our own brothers and sisters and a single international distribution network, everything backed by free software movement through internet, every corporate will be wiped out from Earth. They will be forced to work for us like our own slaves, later!

Consider any commodity of any world leader, they simply loot us by pumping inferiority complex and fear into our minds. TDM is designed to wipe out every technique developed by them. To kill the corporate greed, we have to become the largest corporate ever, practicing "Diminishing (ethical) capitalism". As far as money is there in existence, the world remains capitalistic! This thought process forced me to develop the concept of TDM. We are going to take the world like a twister!

What is TDM?
The primary hindrance toward a 'better world' is the uneven distribution of money. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer. Disparity is widening day by day. TDM is envisioned to make a political and ethical choice asserting the right to produce, share and care others by 'production and distribution with ethics'. To be very frank, it is a resistance movement against all sorts of exploitations caused by Globalization. Ultimately TDM becomes free human movement starting from free retail movement. And eventually TDM is the practical journey toward the formation of a World Government. But TDM outgrows world government too in the later stages! Come let's all become world citizens, realizing the dreams of Garry Davis and Nataraja Guru. TDM is the mother of every movement!

Why is TDM so important to society?
It lays the foundation of a perfect society, where we share our knowledge in a way that everyone will be benefitted. The corporations behind large production and distribution networks exploit the agriculturists, other commodity producers as well as the customers to satiate their greed, which ultimately result in social imbalance. A large distribution network is their deadly weapon, something similar to that of proprietary software!

How can TDM function?
What if there were a worldwide group of talented ethical human beings voluntarily committed to agriculture, arts, education, manufacturing, finance and software programming and any technology to create and distribute commodities to enhance the quality life of mankind and ecology based on sharing and caring philosophy? What if anyone could be a part of and benefit from this community even without knowing anything about life? What if the buyer and seller are equally benefitted by getting away from corporate greed?

Why is Free Software Movement the backbone of TDM?
Free Software Movement is a prominent movement which floored the concepts of proprietary software. TDM has to be backed up with free software movement as it involves a lot of parameters and cash flow. Security is the most important concern and beyond all these, a lot of selfless FSM activists can lead this movement too. If FSM and TDM join hands together, every product of FSM will be of wider reach. And beyond all, the present and future business will be mainly based on e-commerce; there FSM will remain as the backbone of TDM. And ultimately, it will become FHM – free human movement! Again FSM developers can delete this link from their websites: "Please donate"

TDM - Free Human Movement?
If such a movement exists, will there be any need for movements like 'Occupy Wall Street?' So, we have to redefine the production and distribution systems of the world based on Human dignity and freedom. And if TDM and Free Software movement can move under a single umbrella, I am sure, it will redefine the world. TDM is more than just a brand name under which any individual is free to create and market his product, provided his profit margin and quality of product must be reasonable to the guidelines of TDM.

The plan behind TDM
When property-owning individuals compete in offers of exchange, they form a market, where buyers and sellers meet in person and go from one to another haggling for the best deal. If the buyers and sellers meet, it's fine! But, when the buyers buy things giving barest minimum to the producers and resell it with heavy margins, it affects the human life very badly! Here, we need an intelligent and benevolent central planner who would aim at, increased production, correspondence between what is produced and what people really want in order of urgency, and equitable distribution based on ethics. TDM can act in this role, the central planner as a buffer, the single largest product supply chain of the people, by the people for the people. To complete with corporates, you should become the largest corporate practicing "diminishing capitalism" (ethical)

Open Society or Knowledge Society or Open Idea Commons

We better call open society as 'Dead Society'. The word itself is self-explanatory! Only the dead are free from personal ambitions and greed! 'Dead society' is a worldwide group of talented ethical human beings voluntarily committed to agriculture, arts, education, finance, software programming and technology to create and distribute commodities to enhance the quality of human-life and ecology based on sharing and caring philosophy. It is possible to centralize all the necessary intelligence about needs and resources. Individuals know their own needs and resources, and self-interest is generally a stronger motive than benevolence.
The idea of universal access to research, education, and culture is made possible by the Internet, but our legal and social systems don't always allow that idea to be realized. Creative Commons are there, but, is that enough? The default setting of copyright law requires all of these actions to have explicit permission, granted in advance, whether you're an artist, teacher, scientist, librarian, policymaker, or just a regular user. TDM provides a solution for this and of course it is the firm basement of TDM. We need Open Idea Commons, irrespective of any field of expertise... anything under the Sun! Open source social networking site Diaspora can do this function very well. It can provide interoperability between different groups of expertise like: agriculture, medicine and mechanical engineering. If one new idea appears on the dashboard, anyone is free to work on it to bring it out as a weapon against a corporate product. Every individual in this world will become a knowledge worker!


The word Security has lot to do in TDM. It assures security to the producer as well as the end user as acting as a buffer space between them. Let's consider an agriculturist. The corporate mafia loots his produce at throw away prices which in turn leads to suicide of agriculturists. Here is the space for TDM. None is going to exploit you anymore!

TDM License

Like in FSM, TDM also have General Public License for the products we distribute. The production process will up to the specific standards by TDM. The design and ingredients of every product is open to society so that the knowledge society can make it perfect as in the case of free software. TDM is synonymous to quality, quantity and ethics!


TDM makes every product affordable as it acts as a buffer space between producer and the end user. Naturally it will cut the expenses for all sorts of advertisements and again the greed of the series of middlemen. Why should we pay for the expenses for advertisements from our pockets? Quality speaks a lot and advertisement by word of mouth is of minimum expense. TDM is a practical solution for this, which can relive mankind from tensions!


TDM is a very transparent movement as we have no hidden agenda. Our only agenda is "a change from bitter life better life". TDM is a never-ending process dealing with money to prevent inflation. Every paisa you earn should be accountable! Legal! When the producer of one product becomes the beneficiary of another 100 products, naturally he also has a chance to bring down his product-price! Inflation can be bridled! Again, not even a single producer is allowed to get favours from TDM!


The role of interoperability is to provide effective and efficient exchange of idea and technology from open society intellectuals, of different field of expertise. Eg: medicine, chemical engineering, biotechnology and agriculture, all are related. One question, one million answers, mind-storming for the best answer, covert that into the best product and the cheapest! Tele communications, e-governance, Software development, Medical/ medicine industry/ public safety/ development of generic medicines to fight against AIDS and other epidemics, public safety/ social security/ unemployment and terrorism, everything are interrelated Interoperability is achieved through five interrelated ways: 1. Product testing - Products produced to a common standard 2. Product engineering - Implementing the common standard 3.Industry/community partnership for production. 4. Common technology - The common technology can come through 3rd party libraries or open source developments. When we supply the best solution, corporates can act as spectators!

Reverse Industrialism

Production by the masses is the need of the hour, not mass production. This is the concept of Gandhiji towards industrialization. When masses are in hunger, what is the point of bringing up another harsh industrial revolution as corporates are doing today? Everyone should get his share of dignity and financial freedom.

Non-Violence Movement

When mightiest weapons of TDM are non-violence, passive resistance and non-cooperation, how can the corporates stand against us? Non-co-operation is the most deadly weapon against corporatism! If you don't buy, how can they survive? Single handed, Gandhi is capable of plundering globalization.

Dr.Kalam's insights for a better World
A world where the rural and urban divide has reduced to a thin line.

A world where there is an equitable distribution and adequate access to energy and quality water.

A world where agriculture, industry and service sector work together in symphony.

A world where education with value system is not denied to any meritorious candidates because of societal or economic discrimination.

A world which is the best destination for the most talented scholars, scientists, and investors.

A world where the best of health care is available to all.

A world where the governance is responsive, transparent and corruption free.

A world where poverty has been totally eradicated, illiteracy removed and crimes against women and children are absent and none in the society feels alienated.

A world that is prosperous, healthy, secure, devoid of terrorism, peaceful and happy and continues with a sustainable growth path

Every individual should be self-reliant in a model world. Education and health care provides employment and value addition, social security, it can make people aware of health and nutritional security, logical thinking leading to innovations. Information and communication technologies can create massive job opportunities. Infrastructure including electric power can create job opportunities. Critical technologies can give economic security and Technology. Agriculture for food security and food processing can create massive employment opportunities!

And I am sure, Dr.Kalam dreams for a World Government too! Since, nobody has to find funds for Arms and Bombs! All the above can be achieved through TDM!